Exploritory Writing 2A


Isn’t it strange how futuristic the concept of the internet is compared to life before computers?

I find it fascinating how the internet came to be because it started from basic code commands.

Back when computers were newer, it seemed that one had to know at least some sort

of coding in order to operate what we now know as basic commands.

There have been many milestones that contribute to the vast internet we know today.

The act of emailing someone seems almost like a normal way of communication for me.

Email had a rough start in the 1970s, they advanced into an efficient speedy form of communication for millions of people.

Although the internet existed at this time, it is interesting to hear that websites did not quite exist.

The first website ever created heavily reminds me of the default page to my website on NeoCities,

which if I remember correctly, is based on another earlier website, GeoCities.

I remember coming across the first ever youtube video posted.

I saw it when I was very little so I do not even remember what it is about,

however seeing it again brought back a wave of memories from my early internet surfing days.

The internet is a huge archive of data from the past thirty or so years.

It puts the phrase

“Anything you post online will basically exist forever” into a deep perspective.

Early web pages are slowly dying. The webpages lose the idea of the personalization,

creativity, and many communities that exist through outdated platforms.

Links on pages more than often no longer work, so there is a sense of losing that communication.

There are websites that are dedicated to preserving older sites,

compiling them into a suitable format for the modern internet.

I am curious if there will ever be another popular social media platform

that allows its users to create a personalized format using earlier technologies like HTML.

Two websites I have in mind are Tumblr and Myspace.

I never used either, however I like the idea of personalizing text, background, music, and more.

As a filmmaker, I would like to have a video platform similar to tik tok,

but dedicated to more creative, cinematic work.