I wanted to create a meme that used all of the ideologies the two memes I originally posted as my favorite. My new meme is more personal to my state of mind with events that may universally relate to others.

This meme is specific to events that occurred during last week’s work load. Although I am sure not everyone had the same experience, I am sure that others have had similar experiences at least once in their school careers.

The content consists of “the same cat” going through an emotional rollercoaster after finally completing many assignments. I emphasize the same cat because the first still has a photoshopped image of an already photoshopped cat crying edited over it. At this moment the cat is probably exhausted and tired when they realize they have just one more assignment.

The second still is the reaction to the cat noticing that the assignment is not too bad, consisting of only 30 pages. The expression is supposed to illustrate the rash excitement/ or lack of. The form is a basic internet meme format, with text at the top of a heavily edited image that brings context in from other popular emotional cats. The stance depends on the reader and how they feel about taking in some more reading after a long day.

The use of cats in human situations sometimes helps people cope with their everyday problems, which is what makes cute cat content on the internet so desirable. There are so many existing variations of Thurston Waffles, and the more it morphs throughout the internet, the funnier it gets.


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