Exploratory Writing 4A


Ever since finding out about Glitch Feminism and cyberfeminism,

I have not stopped thinking about how society has changed in recent years behind these ideologies.

Although I did not understand at first,

I am able to see the impact now on social life.

It is the little things, how women feel empowered by other women

through comment sections, how mainstream influencers use their

queerness to speak out against social issues, ect.

Glitches can be found everywhere in the real world.

I love to think of humans as imperfect. Everyone is different in one way or another,

a variation of genes make all of us unique.

The blueprints of a human exist, but the things we do and

the way we live our lives create glitches in the system.

The human blueprint I speak of is an idealized image of bodies.

Bodies come in all shapes in sizes, often glitching.

It is important to remember that although someone may have been born in

a body with gender conforming qualities,

the person themselves may not want to conform to that.

Some people prefer to identify as something completely

different than what society expects from them. Unfortunately the

practice of non conforming to gender stereotypes is still seen

as taboo in many regions of the world, a toxic glitch in the way humans think.

Identity should be non restrictive,

allowing people to express themselves without backlash and criticism.

I think the internet is a great place for people

to express themselves. Creating an identity online

has different outcomes for different people,

serving various purposes in one’s lives.

Many people live in small towns that reject others based on beliefs

and appearance. Those who fear rejection sometimes go

to online communities to feel included.