Exploratory Writing 4B


The ideas that society has imprinted on humans to know as the norm are harmful to

the way one thinks about their own image.

As I read about how others have taken the idea of glitchfeminism

and worked it into their internet persona,

I am able to recognize the importance of having that individuality.

I would like to refer back to biology with the idea that

biodiversity is the key to life.

Humans are all different, that is what makes us all individuals.

Society has placed the idea in people’s heads

that if you do not follow a direct path in life, then you are a failure.

Where is the fun if a path to follow has been created?

Straying from the path causes unexpected outcomes, or glitches,

which I personally find more exciting.

As someone who identifies as a BIPOC woman,

I can relate to some of the frustrations that were expressed in the interview.

It is upsetting to see so much talent in minority

communities become overlooked by white peers.

I want to bring in an example that I find to be a huge problem on the internet.

TikTok is a popular video sharing app used by millions around the world.

Since the app is used mainly as a music/ dancing platform,

many dancing trends become viral within hours.

There have been various instances where black female creators create a dance, which then goes viral because a white female recreates it and

performs it on Jimmy Fallon without giving credit

to the original creator. The original creators rarely receive

any compensation for this, and always seem to go under the rug.


is something that I believe everyone is capable of expressing in their own way.

I like to work with film as my main medium, while others prefer to dress up

in drag or even create a vtuber persona, which is basically

an animated character brought to life using motion capture used to stream on websites like Twitch.

By recognizing the range in which art is created,

we as a society can come closer together in rejecting normality.

In what ways will I view the differences in my internet personality as I grow?

How will/ will I change the ways I want people to perceive me?